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Vaccination Clinic in Dorking, Surrey

The aim of vaccinations is to keep your health safely protected when you are in the UK or abroad.  Medwyn Travel Clinic offers a comprehensive range of UK Vaccinations so you are protected against becoming ill and a wide range of Travel Vaccinations so you are prepared against disease when you are travelling on holiday or on business.  We also offer several Covid 19 Testing packages.

In the UK, the aim of vaccinations is to protect you against a number of diseases. If you are travelling aboard on holiday, or on business, you may need to be vaccinated against infections and diseases found in other parts of the world.

Medwyn Travel Clinic offer a wide range of UK Vaccinations and Travel Vaccinations to protect your health at home and aboard. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we now offer a wide range of Covid 19 testing packages. Our vaccination and testing services include –

  • Holiday travel vaccinations for adults and children
  • UK vaccinations for adults and children
  • Business travel vaccinations for clients and employees
  • Flu vaccinations for adults and children
  • Covid 19 Testing, Antibody Screening and PCR / Antigen tests
  • Booster vaccinations

Here at Medwyn Travel Clinic we have a safe clinical environment with experienced, friendly clinicians. All infection control requirements are in place for our patients.  We carry a full range of travel vaccines in stock so we are able to dispense prescriptions from our on-site pharmacy immediately.

Contact us to book a travel health check appointment or a vaccination appointment here.

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