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Flu Vaccinations

The aim of flu vaccinations is to protect adults and children against catching the Influenza infection and prevent you from suffering the symptoms of flu which include aching joints, fever, cough, sore throat, also to protect you against further complications such as Pneumonia.  Influenza is highly infectious and can be passed on quickly.

It is advisable to have a flu vaccination as being vaccinated will ensure you stay as well as possible during the cold and flu winter season.   The vaccination will also protect you if you have any underlying health conditions

Our private service is available to adults and children. The flu vaccine is safe and effective and the best way to help protect yourself and others from flu and its complications, such as pneumonia. Flu strains change every year so it is important to get your flu jab every year to help you stay as well as possible during the cold and flu winter season.

Coming to see us means that you are being vaccinated by one of our nurses.  You will be welcomed into our comfortable, convenient and safe surroundings within our modern purpose-built premises.

It is advisable to book your flu vaccination appointments during August or September so you can have your vaccination in September and October.  It will take 2-3 weeks for the vaccine to protect you fully.

In addition to flu vaccinations, it is also important to note that precautions regarding the COVID 19 pandemic need to be taken into consideration.  Read more.

Contact us to book your flu vaccinations.